What's included:

  • 9 x durable tagsSuitable for: luggage, holdalls, rucksacks, suitcases, keys, sports equipment and handbags
  • 16 x identity recovery stickers small and largeFor: passports, phones, gadgets, laptops, tablets, cases, cameras and other items
  • 1 credit card sized ID cardFor: wallet or handbag
  • 2 High Quality Multi-purpose Tags
  • 2 High Quality Metal Key Fobs
  • 12 months worldwide lost property recovery service

Our customers say...

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Why do I need it?

Last year, a staggering 5 million plus mobile phones, 1.3 million wallets, 3 million keys and 26 million items of luggage were either lost or stolen. Simply attaching Tag&Track to your personal possessions provides complete peace of mind.

"In the majority of cases lost property is not returned simply due to the fact that the rightful owner cannot be easily identified"

Added Security & identity Protection

Attaching TAG&TRACK tags and gadget stickers will provide a safe and secure solution to reuniting lost property. TAG&TRACK also protects your identity and helps to deter theft.

Should you
Lose your keys, the
finder can simply pop
them into a postbox and
they will be safely
returned to us using
Your wallet
tag has a unique
ID number, so your
lost items may
be returned
to you
Tag your
luggage. protect
suitcases, briefcases,
golf clubs, pushchairs
- anything you need
on the move
Our stickers
protect your
electrical equipment
such as mobile
phones, tablets
and laptops
Easily attach
our tags to your
priceless sports equipment
whilst you're playing
a game at home
or away