How does Tag&Track work?

Attach TAG&TRACK tags and identity stickers to your personal possessions for complete peace of mind worldwide.

"In the majority of situations lost property is never returned due to the fact that the rightful owner cannot be identified or contacted"


Report lost property as soon as possible

Please report lost property as soon as possible by: calling, sending a text message, or completing an online report via our website. Whichever you prefer, you can rest assured that our dedicated team of lost property experts will do everything they can to assist in finding and returning your lost items as quickly as possible.


Your unique identity number eliminates the need to display personal details, protecting your identity from prying eyes.

TAG&TRACK works at home or abroad 24hrs 365 days a year

When lost property is found our staff are the first point of contact and will liaise on your behalf. Whether it is a member of the general public, baggage handling agent, airline personnel, airport security, rail operators, taxi companies or the police, we are there to help quickly identify and secure your property.

Using your unique identity number, we can instantly identify and contact you to arrange either a convenient time and location for you to collect or the delivery of your item/s where and when you want them. 



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